Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vehicle Stand Option (Utilizing Magnets)

The pictures are somewhat out of order, but this is what I have been up to lately. After seeing the awesome job Guillius has done with his vehicles on stands, I thought I would try something similar.

I have glued on small. flat magnets to the bodies of the vehicles as well as to the bases. I then have 1.5 in rod magnets that sit between them. It holds on very securly. I am very happy with it.

The only change I am going to make is to purchase 1 in rod magnets as well to have vehicles at different heights. I hope you like the pictures. I am trying to get the army ready for an October tournament. Mostly just painting left to do.

Pirahna on a stand.

Side view of the pirahna.

Devilfish on stand.

Side view of devilfish.

Stand with no vehicle.

Magnets on base and vehicle.

Full set of magnets.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tau vs Space Marines (29 May 2009)

Battle Report for 29 May 2009
Tau vs Space Marines
Capture (3 Bases)

So after a lot of heartache about how to get battle reports posted as well as fighting with the posting interface, I have given up for the two battle reports I need to write, and will start using videos for the next time.

This battle report is for a battle between my 1750 Mech Tau list and a mechanized Space Marine list. Ograloch, the SM player, has beaten me many time, with the dice being his friend a lot of the time. Since this battle was so long ago and I did not get good notes down, I will just summarize and post some of the pictures from the battle.

Note: I am using some battlesuits and empty pedestals for some of my Pirahna since I do not own enough models yet.

Here are the deployments:

Tau Deployment

Space Marine Deployment

Turn 1: Well my first mistake was that I put my HH along the road by his Termie filled Vindicator. So he was able to get right near me, deploy his Termies, and immobilize one of my DF. His Termies attacked and destroyed a second HH Turn 1 goes to the Space Marines. On my turn 1 I was unable to hit anything, and decided to start moving my units out of the way of the Termies. My Tau never have any luck against those guys so it is best that I avoid them for most of the game.

Turn 2: This turn worked out much better for me. I was able to take out the Vindicator (w/Librarian that Ograloch forgot about). I feel bad because we had to take a long break between round 1 and two due to my son needing to go to the doctor. I also took out some of the Termies with a few opportunity shots from my DF. I also was able to destroy one of the weapons on his smaller troop transport using my Pirahna.

Scene after Turn 2

The rest of the battle was mostly avoidance by the Tau, and trying to kill everything from range that I could. There was some fun where I was moving a Pirahna unit and continued to shoot at his troop transport, while the Termies chased them around but could not catch them due to the difficult terrain.

I also moved two of my three manned DF into position to capture the center point. The one closest to my deployment had his transport vehicle and the Termies right on top of it with my Pirahna contesting. The one closest to his deployment area was also contested by a unit of my Pirahna. This left the center. Ograloch had dropped off a unit on top of the center point, which would be the game winning point. I was able to get a single unit of FW to the point and knocked down his unit some. I only carry 7 FW per DF in this list. He was able to kill three of them in CC. I made my role. The second round of fighting between these units left it at his boss with three attacks and my unit with 4 warriors left. He made all three attacks and I was left with one guy. I got lucky on my rolls, was able to do a wound and he failed his save. The point was mine and the game ended at the end of that round.

The loan FirewarriorIt was a great fight and I learned a lot about my list. It was good to get a win under my belt since it had been a while. Next up that night was Eldar. You can read the winner's version here: http://seer-council.blogspot.com/2009/06/saim-hann-vs-tau.html. I will post some commentary and my lessons learned from that battle soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Devilfish painting complete - Sort of

So here is the majority of my first devilfish completed. I still have some detail work to do to it, but I am overall very happy with it. It is capturing my main paint scheme which is a white and ice blue combination. I plan on having my units color coded. Alpha Company uses Ice Blue, Bravo Compan uses Enchanted Blue, and Charlie Company will be Midnight Blue. I plan on having 12 Firewarriors and one Devilfish in each color combo at first. I am definitely not the best painter, but it is fun and calming. Can't complain.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Foam Transport

So I thought I would just talk a little bit about storage. I was using a large tupperware bin with all of my models shoved in and moving around. I have been lucky that nothing has broken, but of course it is not the best way to transport models. With my daemon army, I had magnetized the base of each model and the put a sheet of metal at the bottom of one of the cases. Since the case is too small, I am having to look at new alternatives. The first is foam from Battlefoam.

The above is the foam for 2 Devilfish and 8 drones. Below is a 24 man crew carrier.

So my initial thoughts were that it took a long time for them to arrive. 3+ weeks. So I happy to see that the quality was worth the wait. They are both solid on construction. My biggest negative would be that the Firewarriors need to have their weapons at a certain angle for them to fit. Since I received many of my current models from other people, I have more than a few models that will not fit. The vehicle carrier works well, but only if you turn the attached cannon/sensor to the side. Since some of the previous owners to mmy models decided to glue the cannons on straight, they do not fit as well. I will be trying to get a custom foam made for my pirahna and broadsides. I'll report more then. Overall, I like the product, just be careful what you order.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mechanized List

I have been playing with a mechnized list for Tau for a couple of weeks, and think I know the next list I will test out. Hope to play it this weekend or next week.

Shas'el - BC, Flamer, MP, SI, HWMT

Troops (3x)
Firewarriors - 7 per unit
Devilfish - BC, SMS, DL, DP, FD, LG, MT, TA

Heavy (3x)
Hammerhead - RG, SMS, DL, DP, FD, LG, MT

Fast (2x)
Piranha (2) - FB, GD, DP, FD

Fast (1x)
Piranha (2) - BC, GD, DP, FD

First post

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Josh and I am a 40k player in Colorado Springs. I have been playing Warhammer Fanatasy for about 3 years and 40k about a year. The Tau are my second army, having played Daemons in both Fantasy and 40k first. But now the Tau are my favorite. I will periodically play my daemons again and will post reports on here as well. I hope you enjoy this blog and that you can gain some insight into the Tau that I have learned and continue to learn each time I play.